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After several years of discussions, it was finally moved about four kilometers to a new location, totally renovated, and ultimately used for business and meeting facilities.

The 1960 building - now Terminal 2 - was exceptionally well conceived and flexibly designed, allowing for the many subsequent conversions brought on by functional requirements.

Building airports is costly, but the basic costs are the same for everyone.

When you peel away five percent of a beautiful airport, it becomes ugly.

So it is not more expensive to build a beautiful airport." Boserup continues: "In terms of overall strategy, our goal was to organize the airport so people could orient themselves without signage.

This meant ensuring that wherever possible, there was a clear view of the aircraft.

As early as 1946, the building proved too small, and in 1960 a new airport was built on a different site, also designed by Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects.

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