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Seriöse dating portale Trier
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During the next days, the facts of the script join the real-life events in which a similar disease starts to spread.

Lars and Niels go to Germany, where they meet a man who describes the Allied bombing of Cologne during the Second World War.

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Seriöse dating portale Trier

They begin to write a new script about an epidemic: the outbreak of a plague-like disease.

The protagonist is a doctor, Mesmer, who, against the will of the Faculty of Medicine of an unknown city, goes to the countryside to help people.

The story is inter-cut with scenes from the film they write, in which Trier plays a renegade doctor trying to cure a modern-day epidemic.

The film marks the first in a series of collaborations between Trier and Udo Kier. On the first day the protagonists, screenwriters Lars and Niels lose the only copy of a film script (Kommisæren Og Luderen, "The Policeman and the Whore", a reference to The Element of Crime).

Epidemic is a Danish horror film of 1987 directed by Lars von Trier, the second installment of Trier's Europa trilogy.

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