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Seriose sex dating seiten Münster
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The two tracks featured on this 1970 single are wonderful examples of that constantly evolving sound, getting mellower, rootsier and always profoundly hip shaking.

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We're also releasing two albums by French sonic warrior Marc Hurtado (Etant Donnés) joining forces with two unique cult artists: "My Lover The Killer" is a new jazz noir project shared with Lydia Lunch, and "Sniper" is a reissue of his collaboration with Suicide's Alan Vega. Sex Museum have been one of the essential bands in the evolution of Spanish rock since the mid-80s, with a brilliant career that comprises several genres and has made them a key name both in Spain and Europe.

Now, as part of their 30th anniversary and joining forces with Munster Records, the Madrid band has embarked on an extensive reissue program of their six first LPs.

Volume 3 of our "R&B Hipshakers" series gets the double LP treatment, so you can have all those King and Federal killer cuts together. Also on 12", the first ever reissue of "Cántame esa canción que dice, yeah, yeah, yeah" by Five or Six, one of the less heralded acts of the classic Cherry Red era.

Released only in Spain in 1982, the LP contains a few cuts from their fantastic early singles and EPs but Five or Six used this opportunity to offer mostly tracks unavailable elsewhere, all displaying the diverse and immense talent of a band that should be more well known.

It includes tracks from our releases: Cumbia Beat Vol 1 and Vol 2 The Afrosound of Colombia Vol 1 and Vol 2 El maravilloso mundo de Abelardo Carbonó Afro-Colombian Sound Modernizers Listen here!

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