Dating for homoseksuelle Aabenraa

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Dating for homoseksuelle Aabenraa
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1968 The Minister of Justice maintains that the police must intervene if two men dance together. 1969 After applying for twenty years, Forbundet af 1948 is officially registered as an association and is thereby recognised by the authorities.

The registration is under the name Landsforeningen for homofile (The National Association for Homophiles) with the secondary name of Forbundet af 1948.

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This is the English language part of the website of LGBT Denmark – The Danish National Organization for Gay Men, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgender persons.

Founded as early as 1948, LGBT Denmark is the main Danish LGBT rights organisation.

1952 The world’s first successful gender-modification operation is undertaken at Rigshospitalet (The State Hospital, in Copenhagen) with wide press coverage.

The person operated on is 26 year-old Christine Jorgensen, a former American soldier. Within a dozen years it is also the membership magazine in Norway and Sweden.

With a few interruptions, the magazine is published until 2007 under such titles as Pan – bladet for homofile (Pan – the magazine for homophiles), Pan – bladet for bøsser og lesbiske (Pan – the magazine for gays and lesbians) and Panbladet (Pan Magazine).

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