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Dating for akademikere Læsø
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Here, Per tells the amazing story of how he hunted polar bears thirty years earlier.

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18 December 2006Arne Larsen, a cheese dealer from Skagen has a particular interesting poetry book.

More than 200 celebrities of arts and culture have contributed to the book, with writings and drawings. 11 April 2007Søren Ryge reveals his plans for the upcoming summer, and talks about the singer Loreena Mc Kennitt who has recently visited him.

The huge chicken, the fresh vegetables, the lamb and the cow. Bent is the butler and the women from Holme prepares fish.

21 June 2001Award-winning portrait of Sigfrid and Ragnar who are both 80 years old and still unmarried.

He has made 100 programs from and about it, some of them live and some not.

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