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Casual dating test Leverkusen
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There is space for me to bring the ball forward and I have the drive to go forward.” The praise has been persistent since, Rodgers suggesting Can will become a 'world-class’ player sought by every club on the planet.Can admits some of his manager’s compliment s needed clarification.

Actually, it's neither “I want to go my own way – to build my own career. “I am a completely different player to Ballack and Schweinsteiger.

I admire the careers they have had – I hope mine will be like theirs – but I am not the same.” These are no hollow words, as Can’s single-mindedness has been evident in his career path.

I always have a drive to take me forward offensively, regardless of what position I am playing.

“The fact I am playing in the back three at the moment means there is no player behind me and I have the whole game ahead of me.

I wanted more game time, so there was no bad blood with Bayern and I thank them for all they did for me. “It was not an easy step and some people might not have seen it as a step forward because I was going to a smaller club [in Leverkusen] but for me it was the right step to do that.

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