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Adoption single frauen
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Their male figures were his Uncle’s (one being his mom’s brother and the other his mom’s sisters husband) and then his step-father when his mom got remarried when he and his twin brother were 5 years old.

If someone adopts as a single parent their can still be male/female influences.

A recent answer has me thinking about single parenting.

People seem to assume that a child parented by a single mother is fatherless.

Also notice the word "severe" is in there right in the middle of it - just saying;)One thing I know - parenting is hard and will use up every ounce of creativity, energy and patience you have. What I'm learning (over and over and over again) is that if I can stay calm and not be triggered by my child's triggers and meltdowns - things go much better. Maybe every parent doesn't struggle in this exact same way but if we listen to those lies playing in our mind when we mess up - those lies that tell us "You're the only one with this issue. You're a failure." and if we keep listening and believing all those lies and we don't tell anyone of our struggle - then we don't even know the truth - that others are struggling too.

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